October 18, 2008

My CRX shoot

Hey guys, as mentioned in my previous post I've done 2 shoots in the past week or so, so here's the 2nd of the 2. This time it a day shoot, and it was more of a last minute thing since I had just cleaned my car and I had some time to kill before I went out to meet some friends.

The location for this shoot was at a local ALDI carpark, the newest car park in my area which stood quite high above the ground and it had great lighting from what I've seen as I've scoped out the place a few times as I've driven past it and I have parked in it a few times also.

I was planning on using the advantages of the sunset as I find the colours are really warm at that particular time and I have seen some many great shots of cars done at that certain time by awesome photographers such as Chris Brasher's photos of the bikes and they came out awesome so I thought I'd give it a try also. But for me, I managed to get about 3 shots in when the sun was still out then suddenly it disappeared behind some dark clouds so it didn't go exactly as I planned, so maybe next time.

All in all I found that some of the pictures came out very nice, whereas others could have been better. Especially after posting the photos on www.jdmstyletuning.com and getting some very good feedback, I learnt that the background plays a very important part in eliminating distractions from the photo's and have the focus more on the car and sometimes it doesn't hurt to clone out some items in post production since my post production usually involved correcting the levels, contrast and brightness. I still have a long way to go but we all have to start somewhere, please leave both good and bad comments as I would like to learn from my mistakes and would always like to try new things. I think I might give painting with light a go next after reading Chris Brasher's blog on how he did Pak's S15.

OK enough for me now, I did have quite a bit to say this time so here is my favourite shot from the shoot.

As usual, the rest of the photo's can be found here

Thanks to my trusty assistant, Kim for moving my car around and getting some manual lessons at the same time and also help with my camera gear while I did the shoot.

Also thanks to those that view my blog and be sure to leave comments.