December 29, 2008

EG What?!

Yes my thoughts exactly when I found out my friend was doing this conversion. This here is a very unique car and one of a kind in Australia, its been done before in the USA but hey we're in Australia so it doesn't matter what the yanks get up to. My friend has had this car for a while now and has kept it under wraps for quite a while by not attending meets and not telling anyone (not even me!) what was going on with his car. But when he had it all finished this is the end result. An EG civic front end on an EG2 CRX Del-Sol, and its either a love/hate relationship with this car. Some gather around this car in awe as they've never seen the conversion been done before whereas others just look at it in disgust. But I myself applaud my friend for being an individual and not caring what other thinks and going ahead with the conversion and not worry about what other people say or think about his car.

Now for this shot, I used flash photography for the first time by myself and boy did I found out how hard it was to get the settings and position of the flash right. I usually have my friend Andrew (ntranced) to help me out because it's his gear and he's done it a lot more times than I have but this time it was just me. My friend and I found a spot around Ingleburn's industrial area and then I got started, first off I went for a dead front on shot. I was having a bit of difficulty at first with getting both flashes to go off since only the right one was firing but not the other, after about 20min of playing around I figured that I had to turn the flash around so that it would be able to pick up the transmitter from the camera. I ended up with this as my final result for the first shot of the car, it's been cropped and as for processing wise I decided to clone out all the reflections. DO NOT ask me why, I just did, maybe a side effect of editing them in the early hours maybe, I don't know.


Next I moved the car so that I could get a side on shot, while the car was in the same position I moved around a bit and managed 2 shots;

the side on and

another angle

After a while I noticed that I didn't get any shots of the rear of the car so I tried and failed. I found that with flash photography that you need a background to shoot the car against otherwise it will just turn out dark like this following picture.


To end off the night I tried a few more angles and this one seemed to have worked well for me and I really liked this shot.


Now that I've gotten all that out of the way, I would like to thank Andrew 'ntranced' Nguyen for lending me his Nikon D80 and his SB600 Flash as well as Gabriel Ly who also lent me another SB600 and to my friend Tej for letting me be the first to take photos of his very unique car. Hopefully I get the chance to practice a bit more flash photography in the future and hopefully I'll get better at it.

Thanks again for reading my blog and be sure to leave your comments below.

Until next time, I wish you all a safe and happy festive season.

-Steven Le


  1. For things like that, if you also don't want to have light screens visible, you can attempt to use slave driven flash units out of shot to throw more even lighting around the side, or also behind the car into the background if there are reflectives nearby. Or, you can light it by shooting the flash towards you so that the car turns out darker and you post-edit to make it lighter. the problem is good flash units are expensive lol

  2. woah didnt know that was a conversion of some sorts, thought it was just a late model CRX. Then again i dont know my honda's.

    Did you have a tripod handy? could of done some light painting. I've seen people use LED's for this sorta stuff, may minimize reflections.

    Also did you really want to get everything in focus, hence the reason why you used F8.0? or was it to get guaranteed sharpness on the whole?. Depending on distance Depth of field changes. Using F8.0 at wide angles is pretty much overkill, F5.6 or lower would of sufficed, and may of help with getting the more ambient light in there.

    If your ever out taking pics at night, i could possibly lend you my gear (just a 24-70 F2.8L, and a 50 1.8) provided i come along and watch ya do it.

    Good attempt though, way better then what i can do, i am all words when it comes to photography lol.