February 16, 2009

It's been a while...

Hey guys

Yes its been a while since I've updated my blog, I guess I've just been caught up with too many things in the holidays. I'm always out and about or sleeping in most of the time. As you may have read in my previous post, I had a few events I had to cover over the last month or so and honestly not much has happened. I've slackened off a fair bit with the Ozhonda Palm beach meet having like 2 people attend on a 42 degree day in my car with the heater on to stop it from over-heating so no photos were taken. The CRX Australia meet I managed one photo and I didn't wake up in time for the JDMST Sunrise shoot since I had a big night the night before.

Here is the one photo I quickly snapped up at the CRX meet, its actually a HDR, yes I've been getting into HDR a bit recently and I'll post more about it later.

CRX meet

To make up for it all though I did bring my camera along to the Grand Opening of a new workshop in Wetherill Park; Raceborn and Dahtone Racing. I managed a few decent snaps on the day even though I came late. Just click on the image below and it will take you to my flickr set.

photo 019 copy

I also went out during the holidays to try out a new location I found around the Lansvale area, this location has been used before so I though I'd give it a try. I was really keen on this spot as I got there as the sun was setting and there was nice light and no one was around to hassle me either. The only problem was that my battery decided to die on me about 20min into the shoot, so I didn't get many photos and I've only processed one of them so far and again, its a HDR.

hdr crx

I know I said I would do a separate post for the CRX Australia National Meet but I can't be bothered so I'll just post up the links to the set on my flickr

CRX Australia set can be viewed here.

Luna Park photos can be viewed here.

I will make up for it thought with this post being a combination of all things that have been happening in the last month.

Firstly I had to go and do a photoshoot for a certain member of CRX Australia as he was chosen for the Feature CRX for their new website, I will definitely do a separate post on this though but for now I can't give any more details until the photos have been released on the CRX Australia website which will be in the coming week as I've been told.

I have also managed to score myself a Manfrotto 785B tripod and I can't wait to put it some good use. It came up in the for sale section on one of the forums I'm on and it was CHEAP! so I snatched it up straight away, well it's more of a Valentine's day present from my girlfriend but I did say thanks though by making her pho for dinner.

Some more great news is that my car has been voted for the Spring Feature CRX for an overseas based CRX Forum (not sure which country to be exact) which means I have to go out and do another shoot for my car and do a little write up on the specs of my car and so forth so I'll get back to you guys on this shoot as well after I've done it.

Also, have you guys heard of www.redbubble.com? It's a website where you're able to sell your photos online and it seems pretty cool (since it's free) so what I've done is gone back through some of my photos and I've processed some of them again and left them at full resolution and I've uploaded them onto the site and hopefully someone will buy them, but I highly doubt that will happen because there's a lot of great photos that I've seen for sale on the site. Although I have gotten a bit carried away and I've tried designing a few of my own t-shirts so have a look through some of my work and check out all the other photos/t-shirts on there as well, its amazing what some people can design.


Finally the latest news I have is that I've managed to score a photography gig for 'Vertigo' which is UTS' Student magazine and I'll be covering UTS's O'Day and O'Fest this Wednesday and Friday so I'll be able to get some experience in event photography as well as get my photo's put on their website which I'll link you guys to when its up and running.

I guess that's it from me for now so take it easy guys and enjoy the rest of your uni holidays while you still can, I know I will.

-Steven Le

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