April 22, 2010

Autobacs - Gifu!

You're right!

Gifu has it's own Autobacs store! I managed to spot this on my 2nd or 3rd day in Gifu while on the bus back from the 市役所 (city hall) after applying for my Alien Registration Card (more on that later for future ICS students).

I managed to spot this large orange building about 2 blocks away while waiting at a set of traffic lights, a large orange building with the words 'AUTOBACS' and my eyes lit up as if it were Christmas morning. SO that afternoon Holly and I decided to do a little exploring and one of the stops was Autobacs.

Upon arriving I thought it was just Autobacs Tyres as there was a garage surrounded by a tonne of tyres, but then I noticed a little glimmer coming from a set of sliding doors and there was the entrance to what would be my first Autobacs experience.

air fresheners
Straight away the air fresheners got my attention and I had to snap up the large range they had available.

Then a bit of time was spent "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing" at some of the strange products they had for sale. Then walking around I did realise that this wasn't as big as the other stores which I've seen many times through different people's photos but then again Gifu is know to be a 'country town'.

dildo knobs
After going through a few isles I stumbled upon the infamous 'Dildo Gear knobs' and yes I plan on buying a couple to bring back to Australia for gifts and maybe even keep one for my next car (since it doesn't suit my CRX at all!).

I turned around after browsing the gear knobs and I was greeted by this great display, RECARO seats, rims and tyres. What more could you want!

PS. the seats on my connecting JAL flight were RECARO too but I fell asleep and didn't get to snap up a photo! but I'll definitely get one on the flight back.

So there you have my Autobac's Cherry poppin' experience. Now I'm left with an urge to check out how big the other stores are especially when I visit Tokyo and what Autobac post would this be without some photos of nice JDM cars.

Honda Insight
Honda Insight with some nice Mugen accessories, this one was spotted parked in the university car park as I was leaving.

Mazda RX7 FD
A very clean FD RX-7 hidden away in one of the back streets while we were trying to find our way back.

Honda Civic Type R EK9
A stock looking GENUINE EK9 Civic Type-R parked behind a set of apartments down the road from the uni, I actually pulled off the main road because I just spotted the front of it and I had to get a quick snap of it so I quickly pulled into the street and got this photo.

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  1. Sports car - feels like TOCHIGI!栃木県 --- Initial D 藤原.