April 26, 2010

I conqured a mountain.

You may remember from a couple of posts back I posted a panoramic photo of Gifu after I went on a random mountain climbing expedition, well here are some more photos from the day.

over looking the city
Another view of Gifu-Shi

random ostrich in Gifu
A random ostrich in the middle of nowhere was spotted as we were heading towards the mountain so I had to snap up a photo, I wonder how this poor fella handled the winter here.

top of the mountain
When we knew we got to the top, there wasn't any higher we could go, and boy was it a good feeling.

My fellow explorers, who often climb random mountains on nice days. It was nice getting to know them over a few beers and snacks. This is them looking in the distance at an eagle soaring through the sky.
[From left to right: Patrick, Jesus (you read it right, that's his name), Axel.]

power tower
Looking up from underneath the tower, really happy how this shot turned out, I was going to go black on white but colour ended up looking better.

Still have a lot of photos from the Fire Matsuri I went to but as usual class is keeping me busy as well as the UTS assignments, which is actually due this Friday...oh shit it's due Friday. So no more posts from me until after Friday, maybe.

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  1. You conquered a mountain, I've conquered five exams.. LOL physics left tmrw. I liked catching up on your blog. Your room is tinyyyy.