July 09, 2010

feeling artsy

In the last few weeks I started thinking about the tattoo design I wanted to get while I'm in Japan. So I started researching on the internet as usual, watched a few episodes of Miami Ink and LA Ink then I decided to try and draw them myself.

lotus flower
I started drawing this lotus flower for my girlfriend, I looked at about 3 different designs and came up with this one. It was in my exercise book but I didn't like all the lines through it so I went out to buy a sketch book and some pencils.

new sketch book
Cost about $5 all up from the university's co-op shop. Similar to UTS' Union store but better, they sell everything from text books, to food to even electronics. They had 2.1 Logitech speakers for about $35AUD, I was so tempted since it came with a small sub which would really make listening to hardstyles that much better.

The first thing I drew in my book was my design for my tattoo, a koi fish swimming up a waterfall with some sakuras. It's still a work in progress but I'm reluctant to post it online in case someone else copies the design, I don't want to have the same tattoo as anyone else.

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