July 04, 2010

Takayama Day 1: Pt 2

streets of Takayama
Continuing on from the last Takayama post, we pretty much just the spent the whole day browsing through the streets of Takayama, they had a lot of small shops and so forth. I was looking for a nice Tenegui (head towel I use for kendo) as a souvenir for myself but I didn't manage to find one. Carlos on the other hand managed to find a pair of Geta (wooden slippers) thanks to me, he also got ran over in the process since he was so excited he didn't look and just decided to cross the road. The lady at the shop was really nice and she made all of the Geta herself.

Towards the end of the day we decided to hit up some small shrines, Carlos being Carlos again.

We found this great shrine where it tells your fortune.

First up is...you guessed it, Carlos, again hahaha.

getting your fortune
Here's Jesus getting his fortune if I remember correctly, or he was showing us how it was done. That box is where you're meant to draw your stick from.

25 beholds my fortune
I got 25.

fortune slips
So then you look for the one with 25 written on it and you get your slip which tells yours fortune.

door number 25
There's 25...

Here is my fortune, I couldn't read it so I had my good friend Axel translate it for me and it was good fortune. It was something along the lines of whatever I wanted to accomplished will happen this year and something was going to happen in September. I believe that has already come true, but more about that later.

pagoda full
There was this cool looking pagoda next to the shrine as well.

Here a really nice shot I got of it as we were leaving. I have this in full resolution if anyone wanted it as their wallpaper. I had it on mine for a while. After this we quickly ate and had to seriously run for the shuttle bus that was going to take us to the onsen/bath house.

upstairs to the onsen
Here is the gang walking up the stairs to the onsen and unfortunately this is the last photo I took for the day. We ended up spending a few hours at the onsen and it was a great experience after 10min or so you pretty much just forget everyone is naked. We also managed to score the outdoors onsen which was great, I would love to go to one in the winter.

That's it for Day 1 at Takayama, I know it's delayed but I've been flat out with UTS assignments and Japanese exams. Day 2 will come in the not so distant future, hopefully.

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