September 03, 2010

Kyoto: Day 2

Continuing on from where we left off last time, we left Osaka and headed for our hostel in Kyoto where we just rested for the night.

IMG_5197 copy
The next day we rented some bikes and headed to the shopping area around Kyoto, this was my single speed for the day and those bullhorn handlebars are on the wrong way too. But it was pretty fun to ride, the girls all got the standard issue bikes you see everywhere around Japan. It started off with us trying to find something to eat as we cycled our way from the hostel to the shopping district.

IMG_5200 copy
We found this great little sushi restaurant that was doing lunch set specials, Tits had this katsudon + udon set.

IMG_5201 copy
While the rest of us went for the sushi + udon set, all for a great price too. I think it was 800YEN for each set which was really cheap compared to some others starting at 1200YEN.

We got to the shopping district after finishing our meals which meant we had to find somewhere to park our bikes and even though there were bikes parked all along the main street, we didn't want to risk it (since it's illegal) so we decided to find somewhere else to park the bikes.

IMG_5204 copy
Along the way we found Tit's very own cafe. We ended up just parking the bikes at some apartment's bike park area, still kind of illegal but more safe than leaving our bikes on the main road.

IMG_5208 copy
We found a great alley way market/shopping area just before the department stores called Teramachi and ended up spending most of our time here. Which was a great decisions since we found this thanks to Kim's desire to eat all the time. It's called Andrew's Original Eggtart which is a part of Lord Stow's Bakery. At first we thought it was just normal eggtarts like back home at yum cha but boy these were on a level of their own. We ended up eating like 3 each in one go, they even had a chocolate one too and we were hooked! Be sure to check this place out if you're ever in Kyoto.

Afterwards it was just more shopping, nothing really special and then it got dark when we headed back, it was great fun since Tit's got a new luggage since her one broke and she had a luggage on the back of her bike, tied down by bag straps and strings from someone's pants? It was a great fun riding home after a long day out and we didn't have to walk. The night ended with some drinks in our room and the us fighting over who was next on some Fruit Ninja game on the ipod.

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