June 06, 2014

Vivid Sydney 2014

Spent Wednesday night walking around Sydney Harbour to check out Vivid. A perfect opportunity to dust off the camera and as I'm quite lazy I decided to take the G11 out for the night. It's been a while since I've used the G11 and I was glad I did because I was not ready to lug around a big and chunky DLSR. Vivid was pretty much the same as the last time I went, fancy lights on the Opera House and a few other places scattered throughout the CBD and the harbour. It was much better doing it in the dry than in the wet like last time and I managed to walk past a lady breast-feeding her child. The thing is, she didn't even try to hide it and she was sitting right next to those giant white rabbits so it wasn't discreet at all!

It was a nice night out and when we were done we wanted to check out Nakashima, a Japanese restaurant at The Rocks with apparently really good katsu curry, but they were booked out. Instead we ended up at Masuya, where we had a feast and I sampled more of their great sake. Anyway, here are the rest of my photos from Vivid.










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