February 04, 2015

Melbourne 2015

On an early Saturday morning our alarms went off and all we wanted to do was stay in bed but we couldn't. We had a flight to catch so we could spend the next few days in Melbourne for our seven year anniversary.

We arrived at the airport and went through the standard checkpoints for our flights without a hitch. An hour or so later and a pretty rough landing we were in Mexico! I mean Melbourne. It's been 4 years since we last visited and it was such a refreshing getaway.

I instantly fell in love with the place; the people, the shops, the atmosphere. It was just all so chilled and laid back, the complete opposite to Sydney. Honestly, I think Melbourne is the Osaka of Australia. I now am thinking of moving to Melbourne, we'll just have to wait and see if I can score a job down there and I think that's all it will take for me to make the move. But that's something Future-Steven can worry about.

For now just enjoy some of the photos I took when I was down there courtesy of my iPhone 4S.











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