October 12, 2008

Gab's FD1 Shoot

Hey guys,

Time to update my little blog with another shoot, I've done 2 actually, one of my friends Civic and one of my CRX but I'll post up 2 separate entries for each shoot.

OK so first up is my friends 2006 model Civic, at first it was quite bland, but after spending quite a bit of money and time on it, it does look a lot better and goes pretty good as well.

The location of the shoot was at Cabramatta, somewhere close yet surprisingly a good place to shoot. Myself and Andrew 'n-tranced' Nguyen were taking photo's that night, he did have 2 Nikon Flashes which helped with taking some really nice shots, although when he got home he realised it was still on manual focus and most of the shots ended up being out of focus.

Lucky for myself I decided to still keep my camera out and take shots using long exposure rather than flashes. Although I did manage to borrow a bit of light from Andrew's flashes in some photos.

So after a night of fun I ended up with 6 photo's which turned out good, out of 60 photos, which means I still have a strike-rate of 10% from all of my shoots. I'll be trying to improve this as I progress further.

Enough with me talking here is my favourite picture from the shoot.

with a bit of re-editing I ended up with this.

I plan on submitting that photo to Ozhonda so they would be able to use it for their monthly Wallpaper calendar.

The rest of the photos can be viewed here.

Thanks again to everyone that has left feedback and comments on my photos.



  1. Awesome looking photos there~!
    I'd say, uh, there is still a P plate there, so OzHonda might be more interested perhaps if you somehow shopped that out too? LOL XD

    But, amazing work, much better photography than I do for sure =P

  2. haha good point on that Don, thanks for your comment, its greatly appreciated.