December 15, 2008

Artistic Flavour

Hi there guys,

As promised here is a quick little addition to my usual automotive photos. A bit of my artistic side is being let out mainly because I've been looking a lot of work from other great photographers which have been inspiring me lately including Justin Oh, his photos are amazing. He's even inspired me to actually try and do a sunrise shot, this is still in the planning stages but my friends and I were thinking of some sunrise shots at Coogee beach. I'll definitely let everyone know when that is happening, but in the mean time here are just a couple of shots which expressses a bit more creativity in my photography. Please as usual all comments are welcomed and I hope you guys enjoy.

First off is a picture of my dog, Lewis. This was taken in my front yard and it was a spur of the moment thing as I saw the sun setting the colours were getting very warm so I decided to pop out my camera and see what I could snap up and here is one of the better shots.

This is a shot pretty much just pointing up at the sky and obviously it has been through a bit of processing mainly with contrast but I really like the end result as there is the silhouet of the tree and a really nice blue from the sky. This shot was taken at the same period of when I took the previous one, about a month or so ago.

Another spur of the moment shot after a meet up at Thornleigh McDonalds one night we went for a nice cruise to Palm Beach, I have to say it was one my most enjoyable drives I've done in a while. In colour it just didn't do it enough justice so I decided to go with a black and white look and it turned out much better.

OK, this was my first attempt at a HDR shot done in my backyard a few nights back, nothing special but I just thought I'd give it a try. This was done with 3 exposures, -1ev, 0ev, +1ev and this is how it turned out. The overall picture did lose a lot of quality and due to me not knowing how to save it as a jpeg from Photoshop since I used the 'automate HDR' feature, and for some reason it didn't let me save it as a jpeg. If anyone could help me out that would be great since I'm looking at attempting a few more HDR shots in the near future.

Last but not least my LED + long exposure shot. This shot was done about half way though this year when I started experimenting with my camera a bit more. It was taken at UTS at night with the help of my girlfriend Kim and my friend Ron, we stayed in the city until it got dark and just went around and drew random things with our LED lights. Some of the things included orbs, hadokens and a lot of random objects but this one was my favourite. It somehow shows a bit more depth with the spiralling motion of the LED which to me, makes it look like a portal or worm hole.

So thats it from me tonight guys, be sure to keep watching this space as a lot more updates will be up in the next week, I'm just a bit busy preparing my car for the upcoming track day which I'll be bringing my camera with me so be sure to stay tuned for that as well. Until next time.


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