January 07, 2009

Welcome to 2009

My first post for 2009

Not a lot has happened in the first 2 weeks of 2009, the only big event was CRX Australia's National Meet up which ran over three days but unfortunately I was only able to attend on the last day, although I did manage to take some photos and also did my first 'photomerge' so I'm doing my job as their Official Photographer. I will be updating my blog with a separate post for the nationals. Here's a little teaser though.

CRX Nationals: the lineup

What I wanted to do for this post was give a bit of a sneak peak of what was to come, this post has been in the making for a few days now so some things have changed. First up is my flickr account is going Pro thanks to donations from a CRX Australia member in which we negotiated a bit of a deal so I'm just waiting for the money transfer to complete then I'll be updating it pronto which means I will stop using my photobucket account which I think looks like crap now that I've experienced flickr.

Next up is updating my blog with a post with my final photos from 2008, where I had an outing with my girlfriend to Luna Park and I had another chance to try out some landscape shots and also proper black and white processing of the photo since I usually just desaturate it. Here is a sneak peak of whats to come for this post.

Half of Harbour Bridge

Finally for some upcoming events in which I'll more than likely be participating in:

- CRX Australia's end of January meet // www.crxaustralia.com
- Ozhonda monthly meet at Palm Beach
- jdmstyletuning's photographer's outing for a sunrise shoot

So I'll be a bit busy in January and since I'll be back at uni in the last week of February I want to try and get in as much photography as I can so if you would like some photos taken of your car or anything in particular, feel free to contact me (my contact details can be found in my profile) if you would like some photos taken of your car, for free of course unless you're feeling a bit generous in which I will return the favour with a small gift.

That's it from me for now guys and girls, I wish you all a wonderful new year and remember to keep watching this space for all the updates which will be happening in the coming week.

-Steven Le

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  1. Btw, as a random note, if you ever want to print your photos onto physical media I use a service on Abercrombie street called Pixel Perfect. I have found the quality to be pretty good and you can get your prints done in custom sizes and formats. They charge about $5.60 for a A4 print but it is professional print quality if your images are up to spec. You can Google them if you're interested