December 04, 2009

long time no see

Long time no see/speak guys and girls, whoever out there that reads my blog. It has been a very long time since I last posted a blog update, there have been many instances within the last 9 months that I have been so close to updating my blog but life is just full of surprises and I have just never gotten around to it until now, at the end of the year.

Most of the time I had a lot of other things going on especially with uni, since it was a really busy year and a very important one too I might add, as all my results this semester will determine if I get to spend 10 months of my life in Japan next year. All the other times I was just too plain lazy, my camera hasn't been put to good use for at least a good 3 months.

A quick run down of what happened since I last posted something;

-Installed bigger brakes into my car, then my 14" track wheels with semi slicks didn't clear the caliper so I didn't get to attend this years Anzac day track day with circuitclub, but I did get to take photos that day, I'll post that up in a separate thread tomorrow.

-Passed most of my subjects for my first semester, 2/3 i think it was. So I was happy that I passed all the important ones to make sure I get my plane ticket to Japan.

-Finally joined up to facebook, I don't see what all the fuss is all about though.

-Went to the Gold Coast for Uni games to play Kendo and won gold for UTS, it was such a great experience waking up and just walking across the road to chill on the beach and winning gold is up there in the top 5 amazing life experiences.

-Attended DEFQON 1, all I can say is AMAZING! this has got to be the best day in my life EVER! a truly amazing experience that I will never forget and it bummed me out a little bit that I won't be in Australia next year (if i passed all my exams) for next year's edition of DEFQON. I was an ambassador for Q-Dance so I got some pretty cool merchandise too.

-My 21st birthday at the end of October, my oh my what an eventful night. Thanks to all that came and celebrated it with me, much love, and to my beautiful girlfriend who got me a set of coilovers for my car, finally after 2 years of trying to save up for them I finally got them. I also got a Lomography Fish eye 2.0 from here as well, I'm just waiting on her to scan them, I'm currently on my second roll and I have 2 more waiting to be used.

-I got to attend a track day at Oran Park south last weekend, a great experience. It's so sad that the track is going to be closed in the next month or two, just driving the south circuit was amazing and I can't even begin to imagine the feeling of being able to drive the full GP Circuit. At least I can say that I've driven on Oran Park, one of Australia's best racing circuit. I did manage to snap a couple of shots with my fish eye that day, hopefully they come out good when I get the film developed.

So that's that, all the major events in my life in the last 9 months. Since I've finished my final exams I've spent a lot of time and money into my car hence my absence from this blog, as well as kendo, which I've slacked off a lot since my birthday since I've had to study my ass off for my final exams then the weather just got crazy hot and mainly I've just been lazy. Which isn't good since the State Championships are coming up this Saturday and I haven't trained for it AT ALL. Let's just hope for the best and have a good time and go with the flow which has been how I've been living my life for a very long time.

But what I've been slacking off most of all is my photography, I've hardly spent any money on buying any new gear at all nor have I spent enough time getting out there and practicing. There have been so many new guys on the forum posting really nice photos in the photo threads and it motivates me to get out there and post something of my own up but it hasn't happened for the last 6 months. So what I've done is I've charged my battery pack and I'm all ready to go, lets just hope this time I follow through and deliver the goods and get back into doing what I enjoy doing.

In the next episode(s)...

-I'll be posting up all my sets that I've taken since I last posted something.
-Theres a few static car shoots lined up as well for a few friends.
-It's my dog's Birthday today (4th December) so I'll be dedicating a whole post on the best dog in the world.
-NSW State Championships for Kendo this Saturday.
-I stole an idea of a friend who plans on doing a-photo-a-day from the beginning of next year. Hopefully I'll be able to do it if I don't get so trashed on NYE.
-Plus lots of random photos since I'll be bringing my camera along with me over the next couple of weeks.

I know this was a long post with no photos and I'm sorry if I bored you but it was nice catching up and sort of reflecting on what I've been up to over the past 9 months. Keep in touch because I'll be posting a lot more photos in the next couple of days.

Thanks to all those that read my blog, make sure to leave comments (it's the only way I know people are reading it :P)

Smell ya later
-Steven Le

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