December 04, 2009

MIA: what I was up to

OK gang, lucky for you I don't have anything on tomorrow so I'm updating my blog again and filling you in with most of my sets of photos since I've been MIA (thats 'missing in action' for those that don't know). Since my last post was very text heavy I'm just going to skip straight to the point and post up the photos with very minimal text that follow. CLICK ON PHOTOS TO VIEW THE REST OF THE SET

First up, this year's track day at Wakefield, here is my favourite shot. Click on it to go to the rest of the photos from that set.

DSC_3314 copy

Next up we have the CRX Australia ( ) meet in May. Again, clicky clicky for more piccy piccy.


Not sure if I've shown you these, but I call this my Procrastination set. Which means I took these while I was meant to be studying, mainly from my first semester this year since I couldn't even add to this set in the second semester.


Here's a couple of shots from when I was up at the Gold Coast. Also I met up with some CRX Australia members and took some basic snaps for them. Em, Matty, Ben, if you're readingh this it was great to meet you and hopefully we'll catch up soon.

Gold Coast 010


That should be it, I have some photo's from my 21st Birthday dinner with my family on my camera but I can't upload it since my battery pack is dead but don't worry they will be up tomorrow. I think I'm getting back into the swing of blogging and it's pretty fun I might add.

Now it's bedtime, for real this time too, I need to get up early tomorrow to do what I got to do and it's important to get my 8 hours of sleep.

So until then stay safe.
-Steven Le

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