December 04, 2009

Happy Birthday Lewis

This is for my main man Lewis!

he's been with me since 2000 and when I first got him he was only a few weeks old now he's 9 years old!!!

Only if I had a digital camera back then it would have been awesome to see how much he has grown, hopefully ill try to find the photo prints and get them scanned. But my sister does have a lot of photos of Lewis since she has nothing else better to do and I only took a couple of photos of him today before I had some errands to run.

Also since I haven't invested in an external flash taking photos at night in my room looks shit! ive tried bouncing with the built in flash using a piece of paper but I so can't be bothered.

Back on topic, Lewis, he's my pure bred King Charles Spaniel and we've been through a lot. Starting off with obedience training classes, then toilet training him at home where we both got in trouble from my dad every time he did a boo boo inside the house. My mum ran over him once in our Nissan Patrol, one of the most scariest moments in my life since but he pulled through after a couple of nights at the vet. Then some more dramas when he got attacked by a dog, luckily for that dog I believe in karma, after that he had a mad flea problem out of nowhere that lasted a good week and a half too.

But since then it's all been smooth sailing, he's always chilling with me when I'm home, he's becoming such a lazy ass though always sleeping but it's cool. Also I think he's starting to go blind in one eye, which is but he's cool about it so thats good. I'm going to miss him so much when I'm in Japan next year since I can't call him to catch up but hopefully my lazy little sister will start being responsible and take care of him a lot more.

OK enough blabbering from me, here are the 2 shots I took today.

178 copy

196 copy

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  1. "But my sister does have a lot of photos of Lewis since she has nothing else better to do"
    thanks a bunch