January 22, 2010

On Fire! 2 blog entries in 24hrs

Haha yes I am on fire...or am I just really bored?

Maybe it's just a bit of both, since I'm getting my flow back for using my camera I decided to clean up my work area a bit, so this is what my table looked like after a few weeks of neglecting my PC since I was using my laptop a lot more.


Then after I got my flash and I needed some space to process some photos, I needed to give my table a bit of a clean, so about 10min of hard work chucking a lot of things in the bin I ended up with this as my final product.

IMG_1855 copy

So now I'm back on my PC and I have space on my table to use my laptop to process my photos since my PC is just utter crap but I have my external HDD connected to it so my photos are saved to my HDD but since my laptop is better I use that so it doesn't crash my PC.


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