February 20, 2010


I admit I've been slacking off lately, especially in regards to my kendo, I haven't been training for months now, I guess I need to find motivation and set a new goal for me since my main goal since I started kendo was to participate in uni games and win in which I did in September last year. UTS won gold and we are the 2009 Uni Games Kendo Champions, I think since then I've slacked off a lot so to try and get back into the swing of things I started repairing my shinai.

shinai repair

This is my first shinai that I purchased from onlinekendo.com a great beginners shinai, and it has been with me for a few years now, it got a bit damaged right after my final match at uni games (what timing aye?) and I purchased a newer one prior to uni games also so I've been using that one since then. Heres a comparison shot.

shinai compare
The newer one is on the left as you can tell.

I had to sand back one of the slats and then oil it up, canola oil is recommended and since I only had olive oil I used that instead. I was hoping to be back at training this weekend but since my car is out of rego, and my parents car which I usually borrow had a flat tyre so I couldn't make it to training tonight. Hopefully I'll get to one training session before the next competition in a week's time.

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