February 17, 2010

What a surprise!

I was in the city earlier today because I had to go into uni get get my 2010 concession sticker, took about 5 minutes then my girlfriend and I headed to our usual spot for lunch; Takumi, a sushi train on the top level of
Market City.


Tradition is that I get a game of Street Fighter 4 in at galaxy world across from the restaurant but when we went to check it out it was occupied, so we went to eat instead, afterwards though I went back and it was free, got $5 from my lovely girlfriend and changed it for 12 tokens.

Galaxy World Tokens

So I sat down, threw 4 tokens in and started playing, I won a few rounds but then I lost so naturally I inserted another 4 tokens, pressed START then realised it displayed "Credits: 3" and I was a little surprised. Did someone leave tokens in the machine I was playing already? then I looked down and to my surprise the prices have changed for the SF4 machine and it's now only $1 or 2 tokens!! so I played a couple of more rounds then I had to go so I let the next guy on (I actually lost). So now $5 worth of tokens get me twice as many games, so pictured above are left over tokens from my outing to the city, I usually never have left over tokens.

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