February 10, 2010

Monopoly Crazy!!

Yes I've gone Monopoly crazy, thanks to my friend Nathan who got our little group of friends into Monopoly, it all started last Sunday at our usual games night at a mate's place. Game of the night; Monopoly and it was the Starwars Edition which was given to me on my birthday some years ago from my aunty.

Starwars Monopoly

Everything was Starwars themed and it was pretty cool considering everyone at the table was a big Starwars fan, they even had these cool looking buildings to represent the old boring red hotels.

Starwars Hotel

My god was did things get ugly fast, friendships were broken and friends turned against each other, monopoly isn't the fun game we all thought it was.

Starwars Monopoly_2

I ended up finishing 3rd out of 5 of us and it left me craving for more, to have everything on that board, I was getting tempted by the dark side.

So Monday night I decided to head over to my girlfriend's place, and look what I have here; the Pokemon Edition of Monopoly (yes I own this also) and it was also a birthday present, although I can't remember who from but it was from a while ago way before I got the Starwars one. We ended up playing two games that night, the first one was between my girlfriend, her little brother and myself and I ended up being victorious and man did it feel good to win. With my girlfriend losing and feeling desperate to win as well she opted for another game, which was meant to be only of 20 turns since it was getting late, the next thing you know we were arguing about rules and things started getting dirty when we tried cheating. She ended up winnng and I got home at about 2:30am Tuesday morning feeling not so good after losing.

Pokemon Monopoly

I wanted revenge and I wanted it served cold and my girlfriend was hooked on monopoly as well, so approximately 4 hours ago we had another game at my place. I ended up losing again, with my luck I manage to not fall on any property on the first round leaving my girlfriend to buy nearly all of them so she had the upper hand and ended up winning.


  1. you're boring to play with :P wait til we have a proper game with MORE people