February 04, 2010

gifts and presents

So I upgraded from my A4 paper from my printer to a couple of sheets of A3 from the local newsagency so I took some photos of larger objects today using the cardboard and they all seemed to be gifts given to me from friends and family. I'm also trying to get as much practice so I can take photos of my friend's toy/model collection soon too, more on that later.

Remember to click on them for a larger resolution photo.

a present from my girlfriend for my 21st birthday last year, it takes 35mm film, I'm currently on my 3rd roll.
Lomography Fisheye 2.0

the Perfect Grade Evangelion Model Kit, purchased back in 2001 I think, it was a present from my mum's cousin when I was in the States, cost around $200 at the time, took me 5 years to complete since it was too hard for me to assemble when I was a little kid, I later realised this is one of the best quality you could get in model building.
Perfect Grade Evangelion

a present from my girlfriend for my 20th birthday in '08, yes I'm a big LEGO fan, I still have my LEGO collection from when I was a child, it included a lot of different sets, including Space LEGO from the 80's given to me by my dad's friend (it was his LEGO collection as a kid), Starwars LEGO, Pirate LEGO and even the Soccer LEGO and these are all stored in my garage so my kids can play with them.
Batman LEGO

this is a present from my friends for my 21st birthday last year, its a HORI Fighting Stick for XBOX 360, I use it for SF4 more than tekken hahaha :P
Tekken 6 Fighting Stick

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