March 10, 2010

My Holiday to Terrigal

So towards the end of January some friends and I took a trip up to Terrigal for a little get-away from everything before uni started again. We stayed at a beautiful beach house called the 'Riviera Tree House' thanks to my beautiful girlfriend who organised it. There were a total of 10 of us and we all had a great time, Terrigal beach was a 2 minute drive away and Avoca beach was just a bit further off taking about 10m minutes to get there, we even had our own pool too! (although I don't have any photos of it since I didn't want my camera going swimming)



This is was our fridge all stocked up on the first night, it seemed like a lot at the time but by lunch time the next day it was nearly empty so we had to restock it ASAP.

Here's our dinner for the first night, it was great although my wisdom tooth were hurting at the time and I didn't really get to enjoy the food to it's fullest potential.

Here are some of our lovely friends, thanks for coming and having a good time guys and girls.


Some fun drinking games after dinner, too bad I lost this one and I came up with the game too!IMG_2155

We didn't even play poker...

Breakfast the next morning, this was the 2nd batch of breakfast since they woke up late hahah. I woke up just in time for the first batch and I even made my signature Scrambled eggs!

Some weird artwork they had on the wall.

Our chefs for the 2nd night when we had a BBQ, this was on the top level balcony of our house, we had three levels too! But we mainly hung out on the top level or on the bottom level where the pool is.

A little while after the chefs got started we ended up with this amazing banquet!

Some of the meals on offer on the 3rd night of our stay. Man oh man the fries were delicious and so was the garlic bread, I didn't eat any chicken wings though since my stupid wisdom teeth were giving me grief.



Oh! we also went fishing earlier in the night at Avoca beach, it was pretty scary at the time since it was complete darkness and full of waves but it was all worth it since I caught a Tailor! I took it home, and prepared it myself and I ended up with this. I ate most of the fish myself since no one else wanted any, haha you guys missed out on this juicy fresh fish!

This one's a beauty! my mate Hieu's special drink, I think it consisted of the following ingredients; a Zooper Dooper of your choice, Vodka, Cranberry Juice and a slice of Watermelon and some creativity and you will end up with this drink.

On our last day after we checked out we headed to the beach, then on our way back we stopped by a couple of look outs, totally forgot what this look out was called but you could over see Avoca beach as well from here. This one was a bit more fancy than the rest of the photos.

Heres my friend Khoa and the photo below is no other than myself!


Finally here's a quick panorama at one of the look outs we were at, I gave it a bit of a vintage look since I was trying some new processing techniques. Click on it for the full resolution photo.
Terrigal Panorama

So there you have it, my getaway with my friends, it was a great trip with lots of great memories. Thanks to all those that came, I had a great time with you all and for those that missed out tough luck.

PS. on our way home we also decided to get some fishing in and since we mainly had beach fishing gear with us we scoped out some nearby beaches, Terrigal beach was full of seaweed, Forresters Beach was full of blue bottles but we found one called Wamberal Beach. Although it still had some blue bottles but not as many as Forresters beach and we managed to find a good spot to fish from and boy was this a good place to fish! We ended up taking home 3 very large Breams and a Flathead, the flathead was caught by myself and is the biggest one I've caught, it was about 60-70cm and my girlfriend caught the other 3 breams. It was like we hit the school of fish since she caught all three within a matter of 10 minutes, I missed out because I had to hook up her rod then cast it our and when I was about to cast mine she would get a bite then I'd have to unhook it for her so by the time I got my rod out it was too late since it started pouring rain and we had to cover up our gear.

I'll try and get some photos of the fishes since a friend took them on their camera or their camera phone.

So that's it from me for now, I'll be back checking back soon with some pretty big news also so stay tuned!

Peace out homes!

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