March 17, 2010

Tomodachi Japanese Restaurant

Inspired by my friend's blog; Be The Foodie I decided to do a bit of food blogging myself. About a month ago now I was at Rhodes shopping centre with my girlfriend and we decided to grab some dinner after visiting a friend at concord hospital. We walked around the food court and saw a new restaurant opened, it was Japanese cuisine which we love although the people running the place were Korean, but we thought we'd give it a try anyway. It was called Tomodachi, the Japanese word for 'friend' and upon approaching the restaurant we noticed we had the choice of either Sushi Train or proper dining and we chose the latter since the Sushi Train seemed a bit expensive and we were getting hungry.

The menu lacked a lot of variety, maybe because we were used to eating at proper Japanese restaurants with a large variety of dishes. In the end we managed to find a few dishes that we liked, starting off with gyoza which is a type of fried dumpling and it was pretty good, although it was a bit more oily than other places we've had it.

Now every time that we've eaten at a Japanese restaurant we always have to order a dish that contained unagi (eel). There wasn't a proper main dish on the menu so we opted for the Unagi Bento Box, it was only unagi dish they had on the menu if I remembered correctly and the unagi wasn't too bad either although we only had a small portion of it.
Eel Bento Box

For drinks I had none other than Sapporo Beer a great tasting beverage, I prefer this over Asahi which is another Japanese beer.
Sapporo Beer

Japanese cuisine is known for its raw fish, so for our mains we of course ordered some Sashimi and also got a Sashimi Salad as well. Both these dishes were presented very well and also tasted very nice, the Sashimi offered us with a selection of salmon, tuna, kingfish and a couple of oysters. I was very please with this dish although they used a large slice of salmon that wrapped around the leaf decoration of the plate which I thought was edible, but after unwrapping it it did not seem like such a good idea to eat it which was a disappointment.

Next up is the Sashimi Salad, my eyes lit up as dish this came out. I'm a big fan of Tobkio (flying fish roe) and smack bang in the middle of the dish was a large scoop of it so I was dying to dig into this the moment it came out. It also had some thinly sliced salmon and kingfish sashimi in the dish and it tasted great, this hands down was my favourite dish of the night.
Sashimi Salad

By the end of our meals we were pretty full and it was a pleasant experience, Pauly from Fat Pizza also sat next to us while he was having dinner with his son. No photos here since we wanted to let him have his privacy and eat in peace. All in all it was a nice place to eat although it was a bit expensive so I think it'll be a while before we come back.

Tomodachi @ Rhodes

Rhodes Shopping Centre
Level 1, Shop 74, Rider Boulevard
Rhodes NSW 2138

Phone (02) 9736 1764


  1. We go to Tomodachi @Broadway - City after Women Training Saturday afternoons.

    Hope you'll enjoy ramen in Japan, becoz sushi and sashimi will be quite expensive.

    Save $$$ and join me skiing @Niseko in 2011, yeah!