April 18, 2010

Welcome to Japan (2 weeks late)

Hello everyone,

These photos are a bit late because I've never gotten around to resizing them and It took over a week to get internet and I haven't really spent much time in my room, and when I do I'm either sleeping or doing homework.

For people going next year be sure to check in online! since it will save you the hassle of trying to carry extra luggage, I found out the hard way and had to pay $35/kg for any extra luggage and only 7kg is allowed on carry-on, just keep the carry on somewhere else when you check in and you might get away with it. This was with QANTAS but students from the previous year flew with Singapore Airlines and managed to get away with extra weight, too bad the lady behind the desk was a total bitch and made me pay!

OK back on track, with lots more photos, all from the first day.

Fellow ICS'ers
We managed to catch the Yamanashi gang trying to call someone to come get them when we all arrived at Tokyo/Narita Airport

Tokyo Loves YOU
Walking around Tokyo/Narita Airport while waiting for our connecting flight to Nagoya and I saw this very welcoming sign.

traffic info!
A very cool traffic information sign, which tells you if there are traffic jams and what not. Something we should have in Australia!

Some awesome toys at various stores at Narita Airport, the International terminal had way better things that the Domestic terminal so we went there while Holly (other UTS student in Gifu) was looking for something to buy.
rc toys

nice toys

large range of kit kats!
A very large range of confectionery and also so many kit kats!

lonely escalators
Lonely escalators going back down to the domestic terminal. Going up and going down are on opposite sides to Australia so I looked a bit stupid a couple of times trying to go up the escalators while it was going down.

my connecting flight
Then it was time to board the flight on JAL, the flight was only 50 minutes and I had a really good sleep on this flight, a much better one than the 10hr flight from Sydney to Tokyo. The crew on the ground even bowed as the plan was leaving for the runway, it just goes to show how different it is compared to Australia.

lazy people!
These "flat escalators" (no idea what they're called so if you know please tell me!) had motion sensors and would turn on when you stepped on it, we didn't know and as we approached one it wasn't moving since no one was on it so Holly and I thought it was broken then we started walking then I saw someone else get on and it worked then realised how stupid we both looked getting off then back on. :P


  1. Hi! I'm thankful I came across your blog. I've been searching for blogs about Gifu because I'll be going to Gifu University also and staying in Building B of the International House this October. Glad to read that you've enjoyed Gifu.

  2. That's great to hear Heseel. If you have any other questions feel free to send me an email about it. Where are you from if you don't mind me asking?

  3. They are called Moving Walks (or also known as Travelators).