April 16, 2010

Welcome to Gifu ICS 2010

Hey guys and girls, I've finally settled down a bit and class has started, I have a list of what to do's for future ICS students if you're reading this blog somehow. But I'll get to that later since I've been really busy with homework and class since I have class every day starting at 8:50AM.

Here a just a couple of nice photos I managed to snap up while out and about, I also have a lot of other photos from the first couple of days here which I'll upload this weekend when I have a bit more time.

Here's a wallpaper I made for myself, I managed to catch the last couple of days of Hana-mi. (Click for high-res)

Sakura Wallpaper by me!

A few days into my trip I settled in pretty well and I met some great people from all over living at the kaikan (international dorms) so we decided to climb a mountain and what a great reward we had at the top. Here's a view from the top, I didn't take enough photos for it to stitch up properly so it's not the best panoramic photo.

View from the mountain I climbed

A lot more photos will be up soon so stay tuned and I'll see you all very soon!



  1. Beautiful photos. Can't wait when winter comes, will be great ski resort. See you this winter, Steven! I'm packing my ski gears.

  2. Hey, Steven ! :)
    I found your blog through the ICS 2010 facebook group !
    I'll be going to Japan next year like you guys are now, so this blog of yours is REALLY helpful ! Just thought I'd give you a heads up that this blog is super helpful for prospective students.
    I'm definitely going to direct some of my friends here since we're all researching up uni's since we have to submit our preferences soon. Is that okay with you? :)

    Thanks a lot for sharing all this info !

  3. hey sn0wxpress.....?

    lol yea it's good to know that people are reading my blog haha and I'm more than happy to share this blog with your friends :)