April 23, 2010

Random Photos

Today I woke up to this shit weather...

shit weather
For the last week it has been alternating between very nice cool/warm days and shit rainy days and today happened to be the shit rainy day.

cold, dark hallway
The cold dark hallway that I had to walk down every day to get to and from my room, although this was how it felt the first week here, but now it's gotten much nicer since I've made a few friends who also live in the next couple of rooms down from mine.

sayonara sakuras
The final stages of the sakura season. I was here 1 week prior to taking this photo and it was so beautiful since it was all pink and the pedals were flowing through the air with the wind and now it's nearly gone.

1 comment:

  1. I love the sakura-filled pathway. Enjoy "Golden Week" - we have long weekend in Sydney (ANZAC Day). The overcast weather 梅雨、つゆ, it's May already.