May 06, 2010

My new watch

Since I didn't bring my phone with me to Japan I needed a watch to keep track of time when I was out and about, especially when I when I was by myself. So I was taken to a really cool 2nd hand store called "Treasure Bomb" and it had a lot of cheap 2nd hand things and it's only a 10min bike ride from the uni.

Swiss Army Watch
This very nice piece managed to catch my attention and it's pretty much in brand new condition without a scratch and the bands were dead straight on it so I don't even think it had been worn yet. The only downside was that it didn't come with a battery, but that's an easy fix but for $30AUD who's complaining.

Also they had a variety of things there from BB Guns, to clothes and LV bags and also cars...

I ended up spending a lot of money at this place and I'll post up in the next couple of days what else I also got from this store. Here's a clue, it has 4 wheels and it's the same as one I have back home, guess what it is.

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