June 08, 2010

Japan F1 Grand Prix 2010

Check out what I got in the mail yesterday, this post would have been up immediately but as I was transferring photos from my camera the battery decided to die and these did not get to transfer across successfully so I had to wait until today to spread the good news.

The envelope that left me with a huge smile all night last night. You all probably already know what it is at this point.

Circuit Information
Open it up and this is what I got! My Formula 1 Tickets for the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka Circuit!Thanks to a friend Carlos who went last year and the help of my great Japanese friend Mai we managed to book these tickets at a very discounted price. Too bad we left it a bit late and didn't get the seats we wanted these were still great seats and at the price we got them for who would say no.

F1 Tickets
We actually booked these through Suzuka Circuit itself so it was a lot cheaper than retail and it was only on sale for one day from 10am and by 6pm they were nearly all sold out. In total I think we got close to 60% off the normal price so now I just have to save up for merchandise, Mark Webber RBR Team Shirt anyone?

So that's it from me, more later tonight since I handed in my UTS assessment last night and finished my exam earlier today so now I'm free to try and get my blog back up to date with what's been happening.