June 17, 2010

My new toy...

OK so I didn't have time to post up the 2nd part of my Takayama trip since I had some homework to finish off but instead here's a quick post on my recent purchase a couple of days ago.

Nintendo Gamecube controller
Recently my friend Jesus got a Nintendo Gamecube with Smash Brothers but he had only one controller so I was bored a couple of day's ago so I went to the 2nd hand shop to buy another controller so we could play multiplayer games. Instead I walked away with much more.

Nintendo Gamecube console
That's right a fully functioning Nintendo Gamecube in brand new condition. All up it was about $30AUD which is a great bargain. The reason being is that the price for a controller was the same as the whole console package so I thought why not get myself one too and I also picked up an extra game for myself.

Capcom vs SNK 2
It's none other than Capcom vs SNK 2. A great game I remember playing about 10 years ago now with my cousin and some friends but now I actually can play it a bit better than before. Also this was the closest thing I could get to feeding my Street Fighter addiction and it's been working. Although I had to muck around with the controls a bit since the layout is whack for fighting games but it's not too bad now.

I still haven't managed to beat Shin Gouki yet either, spent a couple of hours today trying but I just ended up giving up since my fingers were getting sore.

I was actually going to buy an XBOX 360 for about $120AUD but they didn't have Super Street Fighter 4 in stock and I would have had to sacrifice a lot of spending for it, which I was willing to do at the time but instead I scored this great deal. I save money and get to play Street Fighter.

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  1. Hmmm... I spent lots of time playing Soul Caliber... great multiplayer game heh.