June 16, 2010

Takayama Trip: Day 1, Part 1

The weekend before last some friends decided to head to Takayam for a little get away and I decided last minute that I was going to go and luckily the hostel JHoppers had room for an extra person.

Woke up on Saturday for a 9am departure, grabbed some shitty breakfast at the convenience store. I am totally sick of their food by the way but I knew I needed to eat something since I'm starting to get a bit skinny, too much drinking not enough eating.

We were planning on catching a train there but we found out that a bus would be cheaper and take around the same time, luckily for us the bus wasn't full at all so we had lots of room and it took just over 2 hours in which I just slept most of the way.

We were all awoken to the sound of the bus driver's scary voice, and we were all very surprised that we made it in such good time. Takayama is not a big city, nor is it technologically advanced like Tokyo, as you can see here this is Takayama's information office.

We got a map and headed to our hostel to check in, along the way Carlos was being Carlos as usual.

Sorry to say but we didn't stay here, I wish we did though.

Instead we stayed at J Hoppers, which is a great hostel for those who need a place to stay when they travel, the rooms are really good and the price is great too. We all paid about 2700Yen for one night which is just over $30AUD. Check-In wasn't until 3pm but they had a room were we could stash our backpacks for the day until we came back to check in which was really convenient.

We hit up this restaurant because as we walked past all the food smelt so nice! Apparently Takayama is famous for "Hida" beef so of course this restaurant served "Hida" beef in various forms. Axel is very serious about his food, and Carlos and Sana were also very hungry, I think we all were.

This is one of the sets available, some beef and rice set, most of us opted for this set.

I however went for the Hamburgers along with Jesus and Holly. On the menu it showed;
Hamburger: 1-600YEN 2-1000YEN
So we all assumed the option 2 meant to patties but no, it meant 2 burgers! What a score, we also got 20% off because we were students I think? I can't really remember but it was awesome, the beef was so so good.

I settled for 2 burgers only since if I had anymore I would have just returned to the hostel for a nap, although some others decided for another round of burgers after they finished.

After we finished eating we decided to hit the town and explore for a bit, Takayama is a pretty touristy place with a lot of souvenir shops hidden along their many little streets.

Before that though most of us went for desert, we all got ice cream but I got the best one of all, green tea flavoured ice cream. It was so nice I had another one later in the day as well.

That's it for now, part 2 of day 1 will be up later tonight.

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