July 23, 2010

Lord of the Rings + F1.8 =

IMG_4374 copy
So I borrowed a friend's nifty fifty the other day and I am having so much fun with it, I'm definitely going to pick one up here before I start travelling since it's much cheaper, too bad my 400D isn't a full frame camera. It will also be my first lens I purchase since so far I've only been using the kit lenses.

Also I started getting around to reading LOTR again, which I am a big fan of and I have to say I saw the movies before I read the book but I still enjoy both very much since the book just gives so much more details and the movie helps me create an image in my head of what is happening in the book. During my last year of high school I also got into playing LOTR: Strategy Battle Game as well which is like Warhammer but a LOTR version. Yes I'm a big nerd but I don't care I had such great fun collecting and building up my army. Only if I had time now I would still be collecting them.

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