July 24, 2010


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Sometimes it goes really slow and sometimes it goes really fast, a bit too fast. Looking back I've been in Japan for nearly 4 months, that's 1 month shy of the halfway point of my time here in Japan. The next thing you know I'll be packing my bags and I'll be saying farewell to what is my home away from home.

It also got me thinking the other day, I have so many hobbies and interests that I like to pursue but not enough time or money. Compared to other people I know who focus all their time and efforts into their one passion and/or hobby and they progress really far in whatever their passion is. I on the other hand have way too many hobbies such as cars, kendo, snowboarding, photography and my BMX. All of which take up a lot of time and money, I guess that's just life and I have to learn how to prioritize.

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