August 02, 2010

Got to have faith!

rosary beads
Since coming to Japan I've started praying again every night before I go to sleep. I used to do this as a kid but as I got older I started to stray (bad word choice) as I got older and I pretty much stopped when I started hitting my teens. But being alone in Japan kind of changed my perspective on a few things and the next thing you know I started praying every night. I also promised my mum that I would do this but it became more voluntary and not as forced as you might say.

This rosary was given to me on my first communion when I was in primary school by my grandmother and I've kept it with me since. Every major event in my life I've carried this rosary with me, also all my exams that I have I bring this with me as well maybe hoping for some better marks since I don't study enough but I guess it all comes down in having faith. Whether it be in yourself or in someone else, having faith to me has become a lot more important the last couple of months and I'm sure that will make my mum a lot more happy with me too.

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