October 03, 2010

Back in the land of the rising sun

IMG_0041 copy
So I'm back in Japan after my short trip back home, I landed a couple of days ago and pretty much have been unpacking and catching up with some friends and meeting quite a few new international students who also arrived on the same day I got back. It was great being back home and spending time with family and friends although I still have unfinished business left with Japan.

I know I owe this blog quite a fair amount of content but hopefully I'll be able to do so in the coming days I have before class starts.

Some include:
- The rest of my trip around Japan with my girlfriend and our friends.
- Super GT @ Suzuka Circuit
- What I've been up to the last month in Australia
- New toys that I have
- Updates on my BMX

In addition to those next weekend is the Japanese F1 Grand Prix! It's finally here so keep an eye out for that, hopefully I'll be able to add some live coverage via my twitter which you can see to the right. Also in the coming months it will be getting into winter which means one thing, snow season!

I also have to start organising my photos a bit better, dates are a stupid way of doing it, hopefully with Lightroom it should be easier to keep things tidy.

PS. In regards to my previous post and the photo I posted of me driving the NSX, unfortunately it isn't mine but I'll tell you know, I will own one one day. But for now the car actually belongs to my uncle and he let me take it for a short spin around the area when I went to visit when I first got back. More on that later too!

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