October 06, 2010

Procrastination at its best

It started off last night after I got a pretty good start on my assignment while enjoying a few beers. Then when I finished the beers my motivation to complete the essay was also finished. It was then decided that I would finish it today.

The day started off with some brunch, Kellogg's Frosties were on the menu even though I was craving for corn flakes. Check out the free baseball card I got too, I'm a total sucker for marketing.

I then spent most of the day cleaning up and giving my blog a new look, it looks pretty good doesn't it?

Snacking throughout the day, I forgot to take photos since I was too busy eating them. A banana to offset the unhealthy Yan Yan chocolate.

Then I remembered I picked up my results for the first semester and I passed! I also managed to pass the mock test for the JLPT level 3 which is great news. Although the comments said my Japanese at times was very good and at other times it was also very bad hahaha I guess I just have to keep practicing.

The next thing you know it was dinner time! So I went to do the dishes from yesterday.

Now my rice just finished cooking and it's time to make dinner, after that it's game time lol.

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