November 29, 2010

Christmas Came Early

So I've been scouring Yahoo Auctions Japan every now and then recently something special came up and I snapped them up straight away as an early Christmas Present for myself.

This is what I've been searching for for a very long time. Never in my life would I see the original packaging for this.

Inside contained the original lug nuts, nut adapter, and genuine Mugen allen key for my Mugen MR5 wheels.



I've managed to also hunt down all the centre caps and lug nut caps for my wheels as well now too. For those that don't know, getting your hands on all the caps is not an easy task especially the lug nut caps because the wheels are really old and they don't make them any more. Here's the catch though.

They weren't sold separately but with a set of wheels instead. So now I have an extra set of Mugen MR5 wheels, if you're interested in buying a set of Mugen MR5 wheels with tyres hit me up.

There's more! This wasn't just a present for myself but for my car as well. This here is another OEM rear bumper for my CR-X but also it comes with a genuine OEM rear lip, another hard to come by optional part for my CR-X. You could also see now I have hardly any space left in my room but it's totally worth it. Hopefully I save up some more because I've got my eyes on a few more things on Yahoo Auctions so wish me luck and hopefully you'll see more things taking space in my room.

PS. For those that might be asking, Gorilla Industries is helping me ship these items back home. If anyone is after parts or anything from Japan be sure to hit up Shane from Gorilla Industries because he'll take care of you. Here is his email;


  1. Those rims would be sick on the ED civic!

  2. Yes they would, if you do want them though Felix they won't have the caps because I'll be using them for my set of wheels.