May 24, 2011

My LEGO hunt

A couple of weeks ago I watched AFOL A Blogumentary which stands for Adult Fans Of LEGO and that's what it was pretty much about. Just people who are into LEGO now as an adult as much as they were when they were a kid and it inspired me to go look for my stash of LEGO. I only managed to find about half of my stash, my goal is to try and build a go kart by myself without using any kits using the LEGO I have.

LEGO Minifigs series 5 has been released too so I'm on the hunt to get them. I've now decided to get the only the ones I want and not collect all of them because it would be too expensive and some of them seem to be repeats of the same theme. I'll get some photos of my current collection up soon.

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