September 13, 2011

Fukuda Sensei's Welcome Dinner

IMG_0735-1(Excuse the shitty iPhone photo)

A few weeks back I was informed about Fukuda Sensei coming to visit Australia for a few weeks. So to welcome Fukuda Sensei Jayson organised a dinner earlier tonight so we could get together with Fukuda Sensei and have a meet and greet of sorts.

For those that don't know, Fukuda Sensei is a 7th Dan sensei from Japan and is also very well recognised in Australia. Jayson is also his student so UTS Kendo Club hopes to build on this relationship with Fukuda Sensei and make UTS Kendo Club feel like his own.

Earlier tonight we had dinner at O Bal Tan in the city and I headed straight there with the other beginners who were at training beforehand. When we arrived I was amazed at how popular Fukuda Sensei was, he was sitting with all the big names in NSW kendo and he is definitely very charismatic. The beginners and I on the other hand had our own table, sort of like the kiddy table but it was fine, the main table was too intimidating for us anyway.

Dinner was very nice and so was the beer, you can see in the photo that it came out in like a 3L cylinder with a self serve tap at the bottom. This was too cool so we got 2 of them for our table haha. We all enjoyed it very much and it's always fun having a laugh over some beer and food after training, this time we just had some extra special guests with us.

We all got to briefly meet Fukuda Sensei and he is quite a character and a very outgoing person that is very fun to hang out with. In saying this though, he is a 7th Dan sensei so things might be different when we're training together. Thursday night training is when he will be visiting UTS Kendo Club so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Thanks to Jayson for organising everything and I'm sure everyone had a good time, I know I did. I feel really honored and proud of myself that I was able to translate for Fukuda Sensei when he came to our table and introduced himself.

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