December 14, 2008


Hey guys or whoever reads my blog,

Its about time I updated my blog since I've been a bit busy over the past 2 months with uni exams and a lot of working to save up for my car so I've neglected my camera a fair bit. But hopefully since its the holidays now I'll be trying my best to take my camera with me everywhere I go so I can snap up some shots here and there.

I have quite a few topics to cover over the next couple of days and I'll be updating my blog with a few shoots I have done (both past and present) on some friends cars. One of which deserves an honourable mention is Henry's Mirage which got featured in and I was 1 of 2 photographers for the feature shoot of his car, the other photographer being Andrew 'ntranced' Nguyen who helped me out with some pointers and awesome camera gear.

Also I did a shoot for a friend's very unique car, basically its an EG model Civic front on a CRX Del Sol and its the first and only of its kind in Australia and I was lucky enough to be the first to take some proper photos of it. I have to give a shout out again to Andrew who lent me his camera gear again for the shoot.

A more recent shoot which is also to be posted up is last weeks 2008 NSW State Kendo Championship held at USYD, I was also competing but managed to get in some pretty cool shots before and after my matches. If you're wondering how I went I managed a draw and a loss, but I don't feel too bad since the person I lost to ended up winning. PS I did not watermark these photos since other people also used my camera on the day so I'm not sure who took which photos so I just processed them and framed them without my watermark.

OK and to finish off, the important announcement which I have to make is that in the last week or so I've been nominated as CRX-Australia's ( Official Photographer for NSW, which means I'm in charge of covering all events in NSW and also do shoots for the feature cars. I am very proud to be given this title and position and I will do my best and will not let the guys down. So photography wise I'm very happy with my progress so far, with being nominated and also having my photos being used for a feature on a website is awesome so stay tuned to check out some of photos which I'll be posting up in a couple of days.



  1. Wow
    that's totally awesome news there.
    I'm trying to do more with the 50mm prime style and to this effect am looking into getting a 50mm f1:1.4 lens for my camera for the contrast bokeh and much faster shutter speeds in low light conditions. Look forward for more of your stuff =)

  2. Hey Don,

    Thanks for the comment as always. I'll be looking at upgrading with some new lenses as well hopefully. But I have no idea where to start although I am leaning towards a wide angle lens or even the 50mm F:1.8 but I find that it has the downside of it being a fixed lens even though the photo will be very sharp.

    Hmm decisions decision.

    Thanks again.