March 10, 2009

My first attempt at motorsport photography

So a couple of weeks back I headed out to Oran Park for driftmob's drift day and to my surprise it was also Porsche Club of NSW's supersprint day so I was lucky to get two events at the same location, the drifters were on Oran Park North Circuit and the Porsches were on Oran Park South Circuit. I went with Andrew(ntranced), we had a pretty good time watching the drift guys as well as the Porsches.

With the drifters we only took shots from two locations and didn't get past the fence at Oran Park and we had a few places to shoot from with the Porsches mainly around the last corner of Oran Park South. We spent a couple of hours with the drifters, had a little lunch break then headed over to take some shot of the Porsches.

It was actually really fun to get out there and try something new, at first a lot of my photos were coming out really blurry and nothing was in focus at all then I gave AI Servo a try and that helped a bit but then I decided to just use the centre focus point and started panning a lot more and taking more shots. That gave some pretty good results but some people have told me not to use JUST the centre focus point but all of them so I might give that a try on my next trip out to Oran Park.

Here are a couple of shots, my favourite shot from each circuit and they're linked to their respective galleries on my flickr.

photo 566 copy copy

photo 1111 copy copy

Please feel free to leave comments either on my flickr or here, I don't really mind.


  1. How much post-editing did you do on the second one? (white porche)

    I think you're showing that you don't have to have top pro level gear to take superb photography, but rather compositional skills and creative minding of your photos.

    Great work~

  2. Hey dude,

    Not a bad attempt like i have said before, much better then my first every attempt :)

    With the focus points, dont use the all at one point, but use indivdual points, but try using different ones to get different composition :)

    Come out to superlap??


  3. Thanks for the comments guys its a really good boost of motivation and I can't wait to get out there and have another crack at it.

    Don, in the second photo with the white Porsche, I did process it a lot more than the others in regards to contrast and saturation.

    Matt, I'll definitely keep in mind the tips you've given me and I'll chat to you on msn about superlap, I'm pretty keen at this stage.