March 03, 2011

Two weeks too late

Farewell Gifu

Yes I know I never got around to writing my farewell post in Japan, but the way I see it is that it's not really a farewell even though it may seem like it at the time. Sure I'll be gone for a long time but I'll definitely be back and I'll definitely be visiting most of my friends from all over the world in the future. So it's more of a see you later type of thing.

The last couple of days in Japan were just crazy for me, from cleaning my room, organising shit to get sent home, giving things away and even catching my plane was an adventure in itself. But I wouldn't have been able to do it without my good friends who will be my friends for the rest of my life, you guys and girls know who you are. They all came with me to the airport and had an awesome adventure as well (more on that later) but most of all Fyrenz for helping me so much during my last night in Japan.

Not only did she help clean my room (not help, she actually did it all I think) but she was also there taking care of me as I was hugging the toilet after drinking one too many bottle of wine that night (I think I downed 3 and a half bottles before emptying it all down the toilet afterwards haha). I am in debt to her for the rest of my life for all the things she has done for me over the past year. She also made a little scrap book for me and I put off reading it for so long but last weekend I did and yes I have to admit it did make me cry because it made me miss her and Japan so much more.

Thanks to all the Queensland peeps who I also had awesome times with drinking and just making a mess of things together. I've already made plans to see them again in September when I head to QLD again for Uni Games, hopefully I can claim the title back for UTS this year.

I guess this is where I'm meant to move on, go back to reality, but it's easier said than done. Living in Japan became my reality and when I finally settled in properly (I called it "home" a couple of times too) it all got taken away from me. It wasn't hard settling back in when I arrived in Sydney but it was hard letting go of Japan, I would have to say that it is the best thing I've done in my life and I thank those that supported me throughout the whole time I was in Japan. Especially my girlfriend, Kim, who without her I don't know how it would have went down, we belong to the small percentage of couples that remained together after a year of being a part and giving the whole long distance relationship thing a go. Sure we had our ups and downs but we came out on top and we're going stronger than ever. Much love sweety!

Since I'm back home, I'll probably still be posting a lot of random things I have from Japan since there's just so much, I also have to finish off all the posts from my summer holidays too. But I'll try and find random things in my "normal" life to blog about but for now I'll be using my tumblr a lot more to post so check that out, and also my twitter feed has been going crazy since I don't get charged an arm and a leg for data anymore. Take that Softbank! So hang around if you're still interested in what I get up to, if not I hope you've enjoyed the ride as much as I have and we'll see each other sometime again soon.

To Japan and all of the amazing people I've met in the past year, from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you all for an amazing year, the best year I've had in my life. Without you guys and girls it wouldn't have been the same, cliche I know but it's true. I miss you all very much and I hope I get to see all of you again in the future, you are also always welcome to come hang at my place in Australia so be sure to hit me up if and when you come to Australia. Until we meet again, take care of yourselves and goodnight.

With much love,
Steven Le

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